Mackerel on Golden Plate

A delicious appetizer


    Three Lady Cooks Brand Mackerel Chu Chee 1 Can
    Chopped garlic 1 Teaspoon
    Fine chopped Chinese spinach 1 Cup
    Vegetable oil 3 Tablespoons
    Three Lady Cooks Brand fish sauce 1 Tablespoons
    Chicken eggs 5 eggs
    Ham 5 Pieces
    Grounded pepper 1/4 Teaspoon



    1. Crack five eggs in a bowl, fine whip and skim the foam on the surface out. Put a pan on stove and wet the pan with oil, by using paper soaking oil and rub all over the pan. Gently, pour whipped egg in the pan to make a fine thin layer of omelet, make 5 pieces of omelets.
    2. Fry garlic, add some Chinese spinach and quick stir fry, season with Three Lady Cooks Brand fish sauce and grounded pepper, then stir well and rest on the side.
    3. Open the can of Three Lady Cooks Brand Mackerel Chu Chee and fine mash only fish meat.
    4. Take a piece of omelet and put spinach on omelet, then put a piece of ham on top of spinach, and top the ham with mashed Mackerel Chu Chee. Roll the omelet and other layers together tightly. It should be round as a tube. To serve, slice the roll into individual bite and serve as a nice appetizer.

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